Benefits of a Facebook Banner

Benefits of a Facebook Banner

by Cory Shanes on February 21, 2011

In 2011, after Facebook redesigned Profile and Business pages, they introduced the ability to have 5 pictures at the top of your profile.  For individuals interested in personal branding online, we have introduced the facebook banner.

What is a facebook banner?

It’s a 5 slot space on your personal or business page where you can showcase pictutres. It’s also prime real estate if you have an important message to share on facebook.   Your social links, weblinks, and personal brand image can all be shared via a facebook banner.   Basically, its a personal bulletin board.

Examples of Facebook Banners:

Facebook Banner

Benefits of using a Facebook Banner:

  • Adds your brand to the top of your facebook profile.
  • They are clever, catchy, and visually appealing to your network.
  • Leverages prime Facebook real estate.
  • First impressions are everything!
  • Can add extra traffic to your webpage.
  • Draws readers into your Facebook Profile.

Disadvantages not having a Facebook Banner:

  • Your profile may have ugly pictures.
  • It may lead to a confusing brand.
  • Your profile may not look up to date

Ready to create your own facebook banner?





Want to see more Banners before ordering?

Check out our Examples Page.

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