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Why would you customize your Facebook Photostrip?

by Cory Shanes on June 15, 2011

If you are a businessman or entrepreneur, then you should be aware of the potential of Facebook for marketing your business.

With the launching of Facebook’s new profile design page, users now suddenly have a new way to customize their profile by displaying their choice of photos across their profile page. For businessmen and entrepreneurs who market on Facebook, this is a new way for them to attract recognition for their brand. Through brand recognition you can create know, like, and trust with a potential client.

So why should you customize your Facebook photostrip?

One of the main reasons why you should customize your Facebook banner is so that it looks unique.   Granted it also must be the well made and not a knock off of everyone elses work.

Sometimes visitors on your profile of page will be attracted to a design element that’s contained in it, and they will suddenly be more attracted to your page. The Facebook Banner helps get your vistors’ attention! One of the ways that you can make your business profile page stand out  is to customize your Facebook Banner.

Facebook Profile Banner

See how one of our customers had their Facebook Banner customized!

By customizing your Facebook Banner, you are also bringing forth your sense of professionalism. In every business, being a professional is a key element to success. By going the extra mile with customizing your Facebook Banner, you are also showing to your visitors that you take your business seriously.   By showing that you are a professional, you are increasing the trust and confidence that your potential customers have for you.

Another reason why you should customize your Facebook Banner is brand recognition. When advertising your brand, you must have uniformity. That includes your logo or emblem design, color schemes, website layout, facebook fan page, twitter page, and more. You can’t just market with a certain logo and then change it the next week. That would be silly!  Your brand must stick to the minds of your target market. By customizing your Facebook Banner you will be able to incorporate design elements that helps with brand recognition. This is simply not possible without banner customization or from a stock facebook banner site.

Facebook Profile Banner

Custom banner created for "Coaching out of the Box"

When it comes to Facebook Banner customization, you can always do it yourself.

There are plenty of tools and tutorials that can help you with that.

Many of our customers simply do not have the time to work on design themselves (I sure don’t!!)

You can always hire our professional team to customize your Facebook Banner for a reasonable fee.

Ready for us to create your brand a facebook banner?

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How Can Facebook Banner Help Your Business?

by Cory Shanes on June 8, 2011

Facebook logoIn this day and age of the Internet, unless you have been living under a rock, you are aware of the massive popularity that social networking currently enjoys. And from the looks of it, it is not going away anytime soon. Over the years, social networking sites such as Facebook have become a legitimate platform for marketing a business. But keep in mind that Facebook is not a business tool in itself but with proper online branding, the possibilities are limitless. In Facebook, one of the best way to establish your online brand is through a Facebook banner. So how can a Facebook banner help you with your business?

  • It is all about making a strong first impression with your target market. You have to pull in a visitor at the first chance you’ll get because it is highly likely that you won’t be getting a second chance. And in this case, a quality, well-made Facebook banner can help you project that strong first impression into your visitors. If you can grab their interest at the first look, then they will most likely stay.
  • In the world of business, being a professional is always a requirement so that you give out an impression that your brand is trustworthy and reliable. And with Facebook, an expertly designed Facebook banner in your profile or fan page can definitely provide you with that much needed professional look. There is simply no room for being sloppy or bland when it comes to advertising your brand in Facebook, or else, your business will surely suffer. A Facebook banner that looks professional definitely goes a long way.
  • Establishing your brand is also one of the most important aspect in marketing your business. A quality, professional Facebook banner is a very powerful tool for brand recognition. A Facebook banner can contain your business’ logo or insignia which ultimately represents your brand name. Your Facebook banner will help in conveying your brand message and will also signify your company’s values and vision.
  • In business marketing, you  will always need to show your best face. If your profile or fan page is dull, plain and boring then you will be doing a disservice to your business. Being creative and innovating are signs of a good business management and your visitors are aware of that.

When it comes making a quality Facebook banner, you can always choose to do it yourself. There are many tutorials online that can help you accomplish that but you need to be patient because it can be a tedious process especially to those who have no experience in designing. Another option for you is to let a professional make a Facebook banner for you for a reasonable fee. Websites like FacebookBanner.org can render such services for you. No matter how you do it, be sure that you are aware of the importance of Facebook banner to your business.

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What Kind of Business Do You Run?!

by Cory Shanes on March 23, 2011

When marketing your business on Facebook, you always want to show your best face.

A custom Facebook Banner is your best option for free traffic to your page or profile. You can try to make Facebook banner yourself (which is a long and tedious process) or you can leave it to the experts and just Get A Banner Today.

Check out this awesome video showcasing the many benefits of using a facebook banner:

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Benefits of a Facebook Banner

by Cory Shanes on February 21, 2011

In 2011, after Facebook redesigned Profile and Business pages, they introduced the ability to have 5 pictures at the top of your profile.  For individuals interested in personal branding online, we have introduced the facebook banner.

What is a facebook banner?

It’s a 5 slot space on your personal or business page where you can showcase pictutres. It’s also prime real estate if you have an important message to share on facebook.   Your social links, weblinks, and personal brand image can all be shared via a facebook banner.   Basically, its a personal bulletin board.

Examples of Facebook Banners:

Facebook Banner

Benefits of using a Facebook Banner:

  • Adds your brand to the top of your facebook profile.
  • They are clever, catchy, and visually appealing to your network.
  • Leverages prime Facebook real estate.
  • First impressions are everything!
  • Can add extra traffic to your webpage.
  • Draws readers into your Facebook Profile.

Disadvantages not having a Facebook Banner:

  • Your profile may have ugly pictures.
  • It may lead to a confusing brand.
  • Your profile may not look up to date

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Want to see more Banners before ordering?

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Facebook Profile Banners

by Cory Shanes on January 3, 2011

Your Facebook Page Design is very important.